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  • Efficiency and helpfulness of reception team
  • Standards of housekeeping and maintenance
  • Service and quality in bar and restaurant
  • Comfort of accommodation
  • Overall service and staff friendliness

The only comments I feel I can make, whilst stressing that overall everything is excellent, is that a little more attention to detail in certain areas is all that's needed to make an excellent stay into an outstanding stay. It really is just little things eg the outside patio area should have either have a ashtray on each table or a couple of buckets. People just stub their cig out and drop it on the floor which is unsightly at the very least. Tables outside also need clearing on a more regular basis, I would ask the waiters/waitress when they have carried food out to a customer to make sure they don't walk back empty handed. At times the carpet in the bar had crumbs and bits of lettuce which needs sweeping up or it just gets walked in. I stress these are only tiny things but as you know it is the attention to detail that makes all the difference. I have only mentioned these because we love the Bay View and want everybody to see it in its best light. The staff and in particular Maria are the Bay Views real asset and with a few changes i`m sure you can deliver a real 5 star experience. We love it so much we are probably going to book our wedding for next year.